divine intervention

Recently (ok, that actually means 3 weeks ago in this case) i finally went on vacation. I spend 2 weeks on RĂ¼gen, Germany’s largest island in the Baltic see. To thoroughly relax was the plan, to make many walks along the beach and maybe to find some Baltic amber.

Winter still had the island in its clutches. Snow was covering the ground, meter high in places and the ice formed abstract sculptures on the beach. But mild weather was approaching and the general lack of other tourists during this time of the year provided ideal prerequisites for getting rid of any stress.

kueste eispanzer

..if we would not have had to face the mystery of the dead swans..

Even on our first short walk we noticed the dead bodies. When we finaly extended our trips, we soon started to measure distances in “dS” (=dead Swans, our maximum travel distance along the beach was 14 dS in one direction and 16 dS in the other) All seem to have died recently.

We did not take this very seriously at first. But then we noticed something else: we found extremely large amounts of what is often called “thunder bolts” at the beach. We altogether collected about 2kg of those. Of course i know that common knowledge accounts those to be the fossil remains of belemnites. But legends tell that those are the weapons of Thor and usually can be found on the beach in the morning after his savage hunt through the stormy night. Divine weapons and dead swans anyone? My agnostic point of view is shaking. Thunderbolts are also the weapons of the greek deity Zeus. And he has reportedly used the form of a swan himself! Another coincidence?

We were unable to clarify in the end whether Zeus or Thor were responsible for murdering the swans. The turtle alien i met at the beach another day also did not want to clarify the matter. But since in the finallyi found 3 nice pieces of Baltic amber, i did not care too much after all. On the last day of my vacation, the cadavers had magically vanished anyway.

kormoran eis


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    Komisch, an die Diskussionen erinnere ich mich gar nicht… ;) Aber eine nette Theorie…