old lenses

For quite some time now, i own a Panasonic g1. A so called “system camera” with interchangeable lenses. That opens up completely new ways to spend money since there is now always just another lens that one might need. The price of such lenses is often a multiple of what the camera + kit lens cost.
Luckily there are alternatives, at least for adventurous people. Photography has been around for some time and because of that, there is a huge reservoir of old lenses available that, with the help of adapters, can be screwed onto the modern cameras. You only lose the mostly irrelevant auto-focus ;-) I started with a fast f1.5 50mm lens that is 50 years old. Over time i started taking more photos with this than with the original kit lens.
That increased my appetite. i currently own some lenses that i catched cheaply in the bay. Last week i then went for a Panagor 90mm macro lens. It is still a bargain compared to the modern lenses but being able to shot 1:1 macros i now can make a 20mm object fill the screen. That is a lot of fun!
More images on http://www.orgetik.de/cpg