Slipjoint folder

The reason for not using my webspace in the past is probably that i was to busy with my many other hobbies. One is knifemaking. I mostly did fixed blade knifes until now, but always wanted something to carry around every day.

slipjoint size

Originally i wanted to make a back-lock folder. But since this is my first folder i decided to use a small piece of pattern welded steel i had forged some time ago, but which was to small for a fixed blade knife. (of course i used it only after i made a prototype out of scrap steel :-) ) Since the knife would become rather small, i decided to skip the back-lock and go with a simpler slipjoint mechanism. The steel was forged from Swedish C75 and Japanese white paper steel.

slipjoint open

For the handle i used pieces of mammoth ivory i bought several years ago when it was still sold on ebay. I love this material, it is 10’s of thousands of years old, can be carved easily and looks stunning after polishing with all its cracks and colors . For the bolsters i did not have any special materials left :-)

slipjoint front

So i had to use what i had lying around which was a bit of tool steel (1.2842) I heat blued it with a blow-torch.  I tried heat bluing also for the frame parts which are made of some scrap titan, but i found it hard to get an even color.

Ok this is quite a mix of materials, in the end i needed also a test bed for trying all kinds of things. Also the screws are recycled from old hard disk drives. It was actually pretty hard to find metric ones among them.

slipjoint closed

The axis was machined with a lathe. My lathe is probably more then 50 years old and quite bad, nothing for precise machining. But i got it basically for free when i bought my house (together with a belt driven 12to excenter press that i currently do not know what to use it for).

I think i do not have to tell you that i am pretty happy with the result :-)

slipjoint disassembled

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  1. michael’s avatar

    Sehr sehr schön. Wirklich gelungen! Die Schraubenlösung finde cool.

  2. admin’s avatar

    Danke schön! Ich benutze es auch immernoch sehr gern.